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     week 7 news

    Mrs. Ross’ First Grade News   Friday 9/28/18                                 Week  7



                Remember:  If you or your child need help with the math homework or understanding any of the concepts, please feel free to go to the GoMath website.  There is a link to it on my main page at the gorevilleschools.

                You may have heard aboue Miss. Sinnard, our SIU teacher candidate, coming to our classroom on Wednesdays.  She is currently going through the education program at SIU and will be observing and sometimes teaching lessons in our class.  When she teaches, we will be recording it for her instructor to watch.  She had already been a huge asset to our classroom!

                Please review your child’s work that comes home.  Make sure they are making letters correctly.  For now, I am not marking them wrong unless they look like a totally different letter or they are on a spelling test.  After 1st report cards, if letters and/or numbers are made backward, they will be marked wrong. Also, if your child puts an uppercase letter where it doesn’t belong, that will be marked wrong as well.  I grade almost everything right in front of them so I can point out what they missed BUT, reinforcement at home always helps too! 

    We learned a lot about Johnny Appleseed and apples/trees this week.  Next week we will talk about Christopher Columbus. 

                Our fall party will be on Wednesday October 31.  It will last all day as we will be doing special activities throughout the day.  We don’t need parent volunteers for this but attached, you will find a list of snack & drink helpers.  If you donate for the party, you can send in items the week of the party. 

                Thank you for all snacks and drinks this week!  The kids really enjoyed their choices and being able to have a drink with their snack too!   


                       OVER  J

    Spelling words:  fix, six, mix, in, him, did, on, they, fox, box

    Sight words:  how, many, on, they, why                                                               

    For spelling help, feel free to go to                                                                 


    Snack & drink helpers for next week:  Tyler, Ella, Jake, Alaska

    Items needed for our classroom: Styrofoam cups for juice/water

    Check out our website!  You can access my page on our website to see the newsletter and cool links to fun and educational websites!

    Looking Ahead:



    10/5 – no school – teacher institute day

    10/8 – no school – Columbus day

    10/12 – 2:20 dismissal

    10/16 – 2:20 dismissal AND parent/teacher conferences in evening

    10/18 – 2:20 dismissal AND parent/teacher conferences in evening

    10/22 – 2:20 dismissal

    10/24 – Field trip to Breezy Hill Farms – look for more info soon!

    10/26 – Report cards for 1st quarter