• Mrs. Klope's Kindergarten Discipline Plan

    It is my goal to work cooperatively with you to ensure that your child has a successful Kindergarten experience.  Please read and discuss the following expectations in my Kindergarten classroom.


    • We walk inside. This keeps our bodies and others safe from bumps and bruises.
    • We use an inside voice. Loud noises hurt our ears and can make it hard to learn.
    • We use kind words and actions. Doing something kind feels good to us and our friends, plus we want to treat people the way we want to be treated.
    • We follow directions. This is so we can learn and be safe! J
    • We use our manners. This makes our classroom a pleasant place to work.
    • We do our best and make good choices! We work hard so that we can be the best we can be.  Sometimes we mess up, but we just try to make a better choice next time.


    In the elementary school, we use a color card system to help remind our students about the choices they are making and consequences that could result if behavior doesn’t change.  In Kindergarten we have 3 colors. We are going to be using class dojo as well. 


    Green Card-  Best behavior (All-Star Student)If kept all week, special prize from the treasure chest and *”Paw”some student nomination.  Noted in folder with a green smile.

    Yellow Card-  Good behavior (slow down)—If only two or less green days all week, student will still get to go to the treasure chest. Noted in folder with a green o.k. and explanation for card pull.  (warning)—5 minute loss of recess to think about different choices for next time, but still a decent day.  Noted in folder with a yellow face and explanation for card pull.

    Red Card-    Poor choices—10 minute loss of recess (or more pending on the severity of the events) to think about different choices.  Noted in folder with a red frown and explanation of card pull.

    *Pending on severity of events, an office referral could also be written.

    *”Paw”some Student is a school-wide reward that places students’ names in a drawing for a special prize from the principal.  Every student whose name is nominated will be recognized in a school assembly, but only one student per quarter will be eligible for the grand prize.

    I want my students to learn to respect others as well as him/herself.  It is my goal that my students “use our words” (talk it out) when things are not going well.  It takes a while sometimes, but it is amazing when they all start working together to make our classroom a safe place for everyone.