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    6th Grade Literature



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  • Instructor: Mrs. Harner
    Subjects Taught: 8th Grade Grammar/ Writing/ Spelling, 7th Grade Grammar/ Writing/ Spelling, 6th Grade Literature
    Grading Scale: A= 100-90 B= 89-80 C= 79-70 D= 69-60 E= 59-0
    Curriculum and Homework Information: Grammar/Writing/Spelling- workbook assignments, creative writing assignments, autobiography, essays, oral reports, spelling tests
    *8th Grade students will also be required to write a research paper.
    Literature- Oral Reading, worksheets, silent reading, book reports, poetry, summary lessons, tests
    Students will receive class time to complete most written homework assignments. They are expected to finish their homework by the deadlines. Homework assignments not turned in on time, whether due to missed school or standard take-home assignments, will be given a one-day grace period. The grace period will allow the student to have one day of extra time to complete the work, however, 10 points will be deducted from the student’s homework score. Homework not completed after the grace period, or completed and not turned in during the grace period, will receive a grade of zero. After three zeros, a referral will be sent home. Grade Weightings: 50% Tests 40% Homework and Daily Grades 10% Class Participation