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    Mrs. Marshall's Kindergarten

    Discipline Plan



    Dear Parents,

    It is my goal to work with each of you, to ensure the success of your student this school year. Please read and discuss the following discipline procedures with your student. Working together, we can have a fantastic year!

    The discipline procedure, listed below, otlines our classroom rules, possible rewards and consequences for appropriate and inappropriate behavior. I am looking forward to working with each family to provide the most positive atmosphere possible for each of the students attending Kindergarten this year.

    Classroom Rules: 

    1. Listen and follow directions

    2. Please raise your hand

    3. Walk in the building

    4. No playing in the bathroom

    5. Keep hands, feet and unkind words to yourself

    6. Respect others and their property


    If a classroom or school rule is broken, 1 chance card (warning) will be taken away. Only 1 chance card can be taken away each day. If additional rules are broken, the result is as follows:


    Removal of white strip (chance card) - warning

    Removal of green strip - 5 minutes loss of recess

    Removal of yellow strip - 10 minutes loss of recess

    Removal of red strip - visit to office, phone call home

    *note- In addition to removal of green strip, the student will not be eligible for nomination of Star Student that week.


    Also, throughout the year, we will be doing some special rewards for groups that are working together, staying on task and cooperating. Sometimes we will work as a whole class to recieve a reward that everyone can enjoy, such as popcorn, movies, etc....