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                              Kindergarten Syllabus

    The following are objectives our Kindergarten students will be working toward achieving:

    1.  Observing rules
    2.  Developing self confidence
    3.  Taking care of equipment
    4.  Taking part in all activities
    5.  Speaking aloud before the class
    6.  Raising hand before speaking
    7.  Taking turns and learning to share
    8.  Keeping their hands, feet, etc. to themselves
    9.  Being able to use an appropriate voice inside

    Muscle Deve
    1.  Coloring within the lines and coloring neatly
    2.  Cutting carefully
    3.  Putting on their own outdoor clothes and gym shoes
    4.  Skipping
    5.  Tracing carefully
    6.  Printing neatly

    Readiness for Reading/Beginning Level Reading

    1.  Listening without interrupting
    2.  Finishing a task on time
    3.  Reciting full name and address
    4.  Recite birthday
    5.  Recite telephone number 
    6.  Recognizing and naming the 10 basic color words
    7.  Recognizing written name
    8.  Using sentences when talking
    9.  Hearing/identifying words that rhyme
    10. Looking at a picture and being able to explain it
    11.  Recognizing left and right
    12.  Knowing U.S. pledge to the flag
    13.  Writing name
    14.  Develop the ability to work independently
    15.  Naming letters, both uppercase and lowercase
    16.  Making letter-sound association
    17.  Hearing and distinguishing words beginning with certain sounds
    18.  Identifying sight words
    19.  Recognizing/reading 10 basic color words
    20.  Recognizing/reading words for numbers 0-10
    21.  Reading on-level books using known sight words
    22. Spelling words and writing a simple sentence using invented spelling

    1.  Counting to 100
    2.  Recognizing and naming 1-100
    3.  Making sets with 0-100 (5's, 10's, etc.)
    4.  Writing numbers 0-100
    5.  Identifying and understanding sets 0-100
    6.  Identifying basic shapes including a circle, square, triangle, rectangle
    7.  Understand more/less
    8.  Understanding ordinal numbers (order 1st-5th)
    9.  Telling what comes before and after
    10.  Putting numbers in number order (dot-to-dot, etc.)
    11.  Identifying and knowing the value of penny, nickel, and dime
    12.  Adding and subtracting basic facts
    13.  Following group instructions

    Parent/Teacher Conferences
    There is one scheduled conference during the first semester, after the first grading period.  Conferences may be requested at other times by either parent or teacher request.


    At the beginning of the year, it is hard to tell exactly how your child is doing by looking at your child's papers.  Much of the work completed cooperatively in class.  As the year progresses, your child will learn how to work independently.
    The Kindergarten Progress Report (Report Card) uses the following markings instead of letter grades and percentages.

    S- Satisfactory
    X- Still working at school, needs reinforcement at home
    +-  Previously mastered this skill