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    Ms. Harris' Discipline Plan

    It is my goal to work cooperatively encourage a positive mindset and create a desire for my students to work together to make our classroom a better place.  Below are guidelines that I have established to help create an environment that is positive in our room.



    Our 4th Grade Be’s:

    ·       Be accepting.

    ·       Be compassionate and caring.

    ·       Be honest.

    ·       Be responsible.

    ·       Be respectful.

    • Be YOU!


    I want to remind your student that we are all learning and growing. J 



    Here are some sayings that we will be working to achieve this year. 

    • Show it and you’ll earn it.
    • Believe you can achieve. I’ll always believe in you!
    • Don’t wish for it. Work for it.  A little hard work goes a long way!
    • Don’t make excuses, Make improvements. Mistakes happen.  Just keep trying!
    • Words are powerful. How do you choose to use yours?  Kind words and actions are beneficial for everyone.  Let’s try to use them!


    In my classroom, we use a behavior point system called Classroom Dojo.  This app allows for you to monitor your child’s avatar and allows me to give immediate feedback (positive or negative).  Students can earn or lose points for behavior.  At the end of the week, students can cash in or save Dojo points for classroom prizes.  We will also work towards group goals for special behavior parties.  We also have a quarterly school-wide positive behavior program called “Paw”some student.  Students who have shown exceptional behavior will earn a treat and a chance to win lunch with the principal. 


    I want my students to learn to respect others as well as him/herself.  It is my goal that my students “use our words” (talk it out) when things are not going well.  It is amazing the difference when they all start working together to make our classroom a safe place for everyone.  We are all in this together! J