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    They Did Their Share


    On Veteran's Day we honor
    Soldiers who protect our nation.
    For their service as our warriors,
    They deserve our admiration.

    Some of them were drafted;
    Some were volunteers;
    For some it was just yesterday;
    For some it's been many years;

    In the jungle or the desert,
    On land or on the sea,
    They did whatever was assigned
    To produce a victory.

    Some came back; some didn't.
    They defended us everywhere.
    Some saw combat; some rode a desk;
    All of them did their share.

    No matter what the duty,
    For low pay and little glory,
    These soldiers gave up normal lives,
    For duties mundane and gory.

    Let every veteran be honored;
    Don't let politics get in the way.
    Without them, freedom would have died;
    What they did, we can't repay.

    We owe so much to them,
    Who kept us safe from terror,
    So when we see a uniform,
    Let's say "thank you" to every wearer.


    By Joanna Fuchs

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    Former Goreville Bus Driver Al Nowak, passed away at 7:46 PM, Saturday, October 28, 2006 at Heartland Regional Medical Center in Marion.  Mr. Nowak drove the Goreville bus from 1980 - 1986. 

    Mr. Nowak was born on June 8, 1919 in Union, Illinois to Paul and Mary (Schmidt) Nowak. He married June Portschey on January 17, 1943 in Chicago; she preceded him in death on April 21, 2003.

    Mr. Nowak was a member of the First Baptist Church in Goreville.  He retired from the maintenance department at Stone Container. He was a lifetime member of the Saline Masonic Lodge #339. He served his country with the United States Army.  He was an honorary member of the World War II Memorial in Washington DC.

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    Tragedy Strikes Goreville Elementary

    Nine year old third grader Lillian "Lilly" Walker passed away Thursday, April 13, 2006 in the St. Louis Children's Hospital.  Lilly was diagnosed with Strep "A" which became septic and attacked her organs.  She went into renal failure along with other complications.  Lilly was in Mrs. Van Hook's third grade class.  Counselors from JAMP Special Education Services and Family Counseling Services were called in to help the students and staff. We miss you Lilly!!
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    Former Goreville Teacher, Coach, Athletic Director, and Principal Bob Webb Succumbs to Cancer

    One of the most highly regarded coaches in Goreville history lost his battle with brain cancer.  Bob Webb, of rural Goreville, coached several sports in his 33 year teaching career.  He began as a boys basketball and baseball coach then started the first girls basketball program at Goreville in 1974.  In just 4 years, he led Goreville to its first ever high school Regional Tournament Championship in any sport when he won the Girls Basketball Regional Tournament in 1978.  He also won Goreville’s first ever South Egyptian Conference Tournament title and regular season championship.  He went on to win the SEC Tournament and regular season championships three consecutive years.  Webb also became Goreville’s first Athletic Director from 1980-1985.  While Athletic Director, he was instrumental in creating the winning tradition that Goreville Schools enjoy today.  Webb then became Principal where he successfully led the schools that he loved so dearly.  “Bob Webb was more than just a coach,” noted former Lady Blackcat All-Star Toni (Durham) Merchant, “he was a friend to everybody.” You may view the full obituary at bluefuneralhome.com by clicking Mr. Webb's picture .



    Former Goreville Elementary and High School Teacher Ruth Hume passed away on Friday, August 17, 2012.  Mrs. Hume, formerly known by the Goreville School School community as Mrs. Walker, taught Art at in the Goreville School District for over 30 years.  To view her obituary, just click the picture above.  



    Former Goreville Elementary Teacher Romelle Kaeser passed away on Tuesday, July 24, 2012.  Mrs. Kaeser taught 3rd, 7th, and 8th grade at Goreville School District for 15 years.  To view her obituary, just click the picture above.  



    Former Goreville Schools staff member Ron Stroud passed away on Friday, January 20 at his home surrounded by his family.  Ron served the Goreville School District for over 3 decades as Head Custodian/Maintenance and can be credited for years of sustaining a clean and safe environment for the children of Goreville to learn and grow.  To view his obituary, just click the picture above.  



    Former long-time Goreville Schools employee Mildred Parrish passed away on January 20, 2013.  She served several years as a cook and she is also the mother of current Goreville Bus Coordinator Denny Parrish. To view her obituary, click here