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    Goreville FFA Chapter

    Goreville C.U.S.D.#1

    201 South Ferne Clyffe Road 

    Goreville, IL 62939-2698

     “We planted the seed, we watered the plant,

    God provided the increase”



    2017-2018 Chapter Officers

    President - Jacob Calhoon


    Vice - President - Madyson Maze 

    Treasurer - Kaitlynn Moore

    Reporter - Hallie Grenfell, Gidget Wade   

    Secretary - Shae Forby

    Sentinel - Brody Conley 

    Historian - Zach Kelley 

  • Calender of Activities

    August 19 - Section Livestock Fair Union County Fair

    Sept 8 - SIU Horse Judging CDE and Forestry CDE

    Sept 26 - LTS Quizbowl

    Oct 5 - Section 24 & 25 Land-Use Tractor Driving CDE

    Oct 7 - Johnson County Tractor Show

    Oct 17 - Ag Sales CDE

    Nov 7 - Agronomy CDE

    Dec 5 Dairy Foods and Poultry CDE 



  • FFA Members at National Convention                                                   


     GOREVILLE FFA Named National Finalist in Building Communities 

    The Goreville FFA Chapter has been named a (Top Ten in the Nation) Premier Chapter and National Finalist in Building Communities and will compete at the FFA National Convention in October. The National Chapter Award is an award area where chapters submit their top three activities within each of the three areas: Growing Leaders, Building Communities, and Strenghtening Agriculture  of the National Chapter Award application. Within these areas the top ten finalists are chosen in each of the areas and will compete at the convention to be named number one in the nation.    


     Kirsten Brewer FFA Show

    Section 24 FFA Livestock Show

    Four members of the Goreville FFA Chapter participated in the Section 24 Livestock Show, Saturday August 19, 2017 held at the Union County Fairgrounds. Kirsten Brewer won Showmanship in the Beef Division. Kirsten showed in the beef division with her Saler heifer and also had a swine entry.


    Madyson Maze

    Madyson Maze seen her showing her Saler heifer at the Union County Fairgrounds   


    Brenni Tripp


    Brenni Tripp and Kirsten Brewer showing Brenni's two hogs that advanced to the Grand Championship Round


    Brenn Tripp

    Brenni Tripp showing her swine entry at the Union County Fair, Brenni won the showmanship round with her entry





    Kirsten Brewer   

     Kirsten Brewer showing in the swine division 


    Kaitlynn Moore


    Kaitlynn Moore won the Walk Trot Division and the Western Pleasure Division at the Equine Show at the Union County FFA Show 




     Varsity Horse Judging Team

    Goreville FFA Horse Judging Team places 1st in Section 24 Horse Judging CDE 

    Eleven members of the Goreville FFA horse judging competed at the SIU Horse Judging Contest. The Varsity Team consisted of Breanna Stout, Kaitlynn Moore, Shae Forby, and Madyson Maze. The placed 8th overall and 1st in the Section Contest.


     JV Horse Judging Team


    The Junior Varsity Team consisted of Kelsey Ray, Madison Herren, Jacob Calhoon, and Shayna Elms. The JV team placed 4th overall and 1st in the Section 24 Contest.



    Horse Team Alternates

    There were three alternates that competed as well, Macy Goins, Brody Conley, and Camille Green  





    Madyson Maze


    Madyson Maze receives $1000.00 donation for the Goreville FFA Chapter from the Illinois Beef Association  


    Land USe

    (we planted the seed, we watered the plant, God provided the increase) 

    Goreville FFA Wins Section 24 Land Use Contest Oct 5, 2017

    There were 9 teams at the Event. Caleb Murley placed 1st overall, Hallie Grenfell placed 2nd overall, Gidget Wade Placed 3rd overall, Zach Kelley placed 4th overall, and Tyler Pritchett placed 5th overall. Congratulations!


    Tractor Driving


    (we planted the seed, we watered the plant, God provided the increase)

    Jacob Calhoon and Dalton Harner Wins the Section 24 Tractor Driving CDE. Jacob Placed 2nd overall and Dalton Harner Placed 3rd overall. There were 7 teams present at the event.