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    Welcome to our Fifth Grade Computer Lab page! You'll find links to the things we do in the computer lab - and links that we've found for your class. If you find a link that you would like to share with the rest of your class, be sure to get it to me so I can check it out and then post it for all of us to use.
  • These pages will help you install Big Brainz on your home computer so your student will be able to continue to play the game we have been using in the computer lab.  Please do not take the Post Test at home.  We're making a big deal out of it at school.  

    The biggest thing to remember if your student wants to continue with the game they have started is that you MUST pretend that you are a school - not a home.  This document has screen shots with all the instructions to get you going at home.  

    If you have any questions at all, PLEASE feel free to email me atmarshanodeen@gorevilleschools.com with questions or problems.  I'll help you in any way I can.